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Co-Create Partners

A Social Impact Innovation Learning Lab at Pacific Lutheran University
Let’s co-create the future we desire

About Us

We are a purpose-built organization created to spark the power of collaborative experiential learning for social progress through innovation and diplomacy.

We strengthen democracy-centered practices of diversity, justice, and sustainability by co-creating outcome-based learning and development partnerships for the mutual benefit of people, communities, and the Earth.

Co-Create Partners was created by social impact innovation practitioners at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. PLU is a 135-old liberal arts university that has become an anchor institution for local, state, national, and global impact.

We align community intelligence to the institutional effectiveness of higher education to deliver collaborative, high-impact partnerships with corporations, foundations and nonprofits, education, environmental, and health sectors, social venture entrepreneurs, tribal and public agencies, networks, and collectives.

Our Model

Co-Create Partners delivers high-impact, project-based, experiential learning outcomes that address stakeholders’ systemic issues resulting in increased capacity of institutional and personal effectiveness to achieve community wellness. Contact us to learn more, or visit our FAQ section.

Explore Active Nonprofit Organizations in Pierce County

This interactive report showcases the tax-exempt organizations in Pierce County, WA.

It is a service to the local community of social innovators, volunteers, donors, impact investors, researchers, local government, and the private sector to facilitate dialogue, explore partnerships and co-create social impact innovation.

It is based on an X4Impact analysis of over 850 million data points and is updated monthly.

Start Exploring: Select a focus area, organization size (by annual income), or click on the map.

Social Impact Resources

Co-Create Partners is inspired by various influencers, concepts, models, organizations, and partners across the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are donations and grants to Co-Create Partners tax-deductible?

Yes. Early-stage funding to Co-Create Partners is tax-exempt in accordance with the IRS provisions for charitable contributions. Donations can be made to:

Co-Create Partners
EIN #91-0565571
12180 Park Ave S
Tacoma, WA 98447

Is Co-Create Partners looking for new corporate or community partners?

Yes, Co-Create Partners organizes cohorts on an ongoing basis. Every effort will be made to match resources and cohorts around project needs. However, the most robust opportunities coincide with academic calendars in the following timelines:

  • Fall: September-December
  • Spring: February-May
  • Summer: June-August

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12180 Park Ave S

Tacoma, WA 98447

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